I celebrate faith and family!  Married now for almost 59 years, my husband and I have made homes in Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon,  California,  and Indonesia.  We have 3 sons, married to women who have become our daughters,  plus 5 granddaughters and a grandson.  As a registered nurse, I worked as a pediatric nurse and taught childbirth education and mother/baby care classes. After our move back to the U.S. from Jakarta, Indonesia in 1992, I managed a geophysical consulting business with my husband.  I have written poetry, short pieces, family story, and faith ponders for many years. I have in recent years enjoyed old rose and herb gardening, cooking with herbs,  music, and photography. A fall in 2019, recurring hospitalizations and surgery for chronic respiratory and renal illness have resulted in limiting my activities but I still love following Mary Oliver’s advice about living a life.

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    • Oh, thank you. Somehow you knew I needed to hear this right now. Yes, we will meet. How wonderful it will be to know and to be known. And now you have made an impact on my life too.


      • He’s in every little patch of our lives. Thank you for sharing, yes on time. Mary Ann if I may call you? I’m Rayla, India. In a lil home facing old trees and new morning. You must be so close to Him. As He is to you. Impact… telling me. I took out my neglected guitar and wrote for you&me:
        “Its too late to be afraid now,
        too much grace in this place,
        too much Mercy walked in, and
        kissed me, new healings I cant see yet, ‘xcept thru’ a glass darkly…”
        Christ personally my great grandfather, a temple priest. He converted but had to run from that village, south india. We live in growing tough times, but He finds a way to visit us everyday with fresh grace. Happy sigh. I’m run out of words


    • Katherine, that is the most special compliment I have ever received. I write for several compelling reasons, but the most important (which spills over into the others) is that I want to share the grace and peace I receive. Thank you.


  1. Hello,

    My name is David Ramos. I am searching for reviewers who might be interested in reading a Christian devotional based on the life of Abraham and came across your blog because you have a similar approach to studying Scripture.

    I’d love to answer any questions you have whether about the book or me.

    In the mean time, here is the Amazon page for the book in case you want to see what it looks like and read the short description: http://amzn.com/B014VHOTMW

    As far as learning about the author, you can take a quick look at my about page: http://www.ramosauthor.com/about

    If you’re not interested, or just a have a huge stack of books you’re working through right now, no problem, just ignore this email :) But if you are interested please reply back and I will be happy to send you a copy!

    Thank you again. I look forward to hearing back from you. Enjoy your week!


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  2. Dear Mary Ann,
    May I ask where you found the beautiful photo of the oak tree? I would like to use it alongside some music I’ve written. I’d appreciate your help if you know, since I’ll need to get permission from the photographer. Many thanks…


    • Lou, I do almost all my own photography. In some of my very early posts, I used some of my husband’s work, but all the oak tree photographs (which one did you like?) are mine, and if I am not mistaken, all of them are of the magnificent tree located in our church prayer garden. It is one of the biggest and oldest oak trees in this part of Texas. I don’t mind your using one of the photos, but would very much like to know which one and how you are using it. I would love to see your music.


  3. Hi Mary Ann,
    I’m from Indonesia (although not from Jakarta). I know you went there a long time ago, but I hope you had pleasant memories about it!
    Also, I enjoy reading your blog!


    • Chrysant, what a lovely name! I am glad you like my blog. I have many good memories about our life in Indonesia. Two of my sons graduated from Jakarta International School. We still enjoy cooking Indonesian foods for family celebrations and to introduce our friends to dishes like sate, acar, nasi goreng and krupuk. In fact, just recently I spoke to children at our granddaughter’s school about Indonesia. I took some wayang golek and batik to show them and played some gamelan music. They loved it. My other blogs are http://www.mappingsforthismorning.blogspot.com and wwww.kitchenkeepers.wordpress.com

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