Eden on My Mind


 With Eden on my mind, I walk in the garden.

A kitchen garden growing just beyond my back porch is fragrant with herbs and taste tempting vegetables.

But my kitchen garden is inside, too.

Inside or out, it is that which I have been given to tend.

At my sink, in my pantry, with rising bread, pots of soup , and table to share, I tend this garden.

 I stand beneath an arbor where bunches of pink roses tumble around in a whispering  breeze with wisteria fronds.

I weep with awe and wonder and praise for created and Creator.

Then I open the door and go inside where I am arbored by other creation.

Under and around, surrounded in the shelter and sanctuary of books, music,  sweet images  and reminders of family and friends  who are gifts of the Creator chosen and created for me.

Nurturing, caretaking, keeping, all  become the art of tending this garden.

 Time began in a garden.

Still, my time is in a garden.

Photo JDP

3 thoughts on “Eden on My Mind

  1. Thank you, Katherine.

    You would love to see the swelling baby pomegranates and lemons and figs on my trees. And I can almost taste your peaches. They are my favorite fruit.


  2. This is lovely. I know how you feel. I have a peach tree that suffers greatly through harsh winters (peach trees like warmer winters). During the second week in August, I pick the sweetest peaches and my heart always fills with gratitude for these golden gifts for which I have done nothing.


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