Sweet Dreams



Sweet dreams, my mother would tell me during good night hugs.

What should I dream about?  I always asked, and she always answered.

 How tired she must have been,  answering all day questions.

She would pause ,  then tell me things that were very practical, because she was.

Dream about cinnamon toast for breakfast.  Dream about wearing your new dress.

Dream about school tomorrow. 

Somehow, it was enough.  Following the ritual Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep prayer,  tucked into line dried sheets that smelled of sunshine and grass,  I closed my eyes and the ordinary everyday thoughts powdered with dream dust soothed  and satisfied.

What will you dream about, sweet girl?

 You look like a beautiful fairy child sleeping.

Baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch and licking the spoon?  

Picking strawberries and finding Easter eggs?

Paw pats from kittens?

Dream about cinnamon toast.

Dream about your new dress.

Dream about school. 

It is, after all, the ordinary from which the best dreams come.

And, having dreamed, what extraordinary tomorrows you will have.

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