Gathering around light is common.  We circle a campfire, draw close to our fireplaces, light candles at special dinners and ceremonies.  At times we are drawn by a need for warmth, or to increase our ability to see, but often we focus on a candle’s flame seeking  illumination beyond seeing…  for inner glow.  It is then  we become not so much like a  candle fly, inching closer in puzzling confusion and risking injury as  like a firefly,  able to fly in the dark and to show  light.

2 thoughts on “Candlelight

  1. Love this photo! Candles remind me of Romanesque and Gothic churches lit by all manner of candles, chasing out the dark from the deepest chinks in the stone. The candle flames have such a mesmerizing effect on us, drawing us in and quieting us. Let this be a reminder for me to light candles more often.


    • Thank you for these words, Barbara…”chasing out the dark, drawing us in, and quieting us”. When I light a candle this evening, I will think of you!
      Mary Ann


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