Moon Flower

Crisp, cool mornings as fall arrives may not mean wondrous autumn leaf colors in this part of Texas, but there are other offerings. My moonflower vines, which flower at night, stay open considerably past dawn. Their saucer size tissue paper blooms are veined with pale yellow…lovely! Skye and Maddie helped me plant the seeds last Spring. One of our favorite books to read together is Jan Karon’s The Trellis and the Seed, a story of patience and faith about a small moonflower seed.

2 thoughts on “Moon Flower

  1. So they are called moon flowers! How appropriate. I thought they were mutant morning glories. You can feel the tissue paperiness in the flower of your photo.


    • Barbara, they really are phenomenal blooms, and I love photographing them. I have a whole series. Moon flowers and morning glories are in the same family. And like morning glories, their seeds sprout best if the hard shell is nicked with a sharp knife after being soaked in water for awhile. I like helping them out! :)
      Mary Ann


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