Growth Pushes Boundaries

The tree was there first, and by my own observation, grew slowly by the man-made brick wall.  I have been walking by this corner for six years.  A year ago, when the first cracks in mortar appeared, I barely noticed.  Now, as bricks begin to crumble and fall, I know they never had a chance unless the tree died.  The lesson for me is simply put:  Growth pushes boundaries.  I would rather grow.

2 thoughts on “Growth Pushes Boundaries

    • As I gather your blessing, I am grateful for your response. When I think of boundaries, I know there are those which we are given which are necessary and for our protectionwithin which we live and must respect. This brick wall was placed there by someone who didn’t know about trees and growing, so it reminds me of those we or others place which serve as division and block our stretching.

      Peace to you,
      Mary Ann


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