A Morning Resolution

The words below are taped by the coffeepot where I can read them each morning.  Just as when repeated in wedding vows, “I will” involves determination, but must be followed by trust that God will enable.  For 40 years, in 10 different homes around the world, the resolutions remain changeless, the love of God unfailing.

                                                                  A Morning Resolution

All this day I will realize that I am a child of God. His love is round about me, underneath are the everlasting arms. I will be honest and true in everything I say and do. I believe that all things work together for good for those who love God. I will try to replace all bitterness, hatred, resentment, over-anxiety, and fear with the spirit of understanding, tolerance, love, patience, and trust.  behind all that comes, God’s love and wisdom will be present to strengthen and sustain.

2 thoughts on “A Morning Resolution

    • Thank you, Colleen. Gathering strength as I prepare to drive Joe in for yet another surgery tomorrow. This will be the 13th knee surgery for him, most of them in the last 5 years. He is truly BONE weary. Your prayers are appreciated.


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