Mind Your Head

My  friend John tells of a sign over one old English door that warns “Mind Your Head.”  He says it reminds him of much more than avoiding a bump!  Today, more than ever before, we are called to pay attention to what we believe, and live it.  Minding and tending our heads and our hearts must be intentional.  Dallas Willard says much the same.

“Theology is just what you really think about God, and if you’re going to do that, you’d better use your mind and not just let it be a receptacle – a catch-all for whatever beliefs happen to be passing by.”     ~Dallas Willard

2 thoughts on “Mind Your Head

  1. Maybe I know your friend John. It is really important to ‘mind your head’. Bumps are the least of the obstacles. Thank you for posting what you remember about what John said – and what Dallas Willard wrote.


    • Of course, you know our friend, Dan. Thank you for being my friend, too – one of those who helps me mind my head!


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