Moonflowers Revisited

A writing exercise recently posted in my online writing group was named the Adjective Project.  Actually, it should have been called The Missing Adjective Project because the goal was to write a descriptive poem or story using few nor no adjectives.  It happened to coincide with another morning at which my kitchen window revealed a  bountiful display of moonflowers.  Here is the missing adjectives poem.  I might have done without the rest of the words, since a picture can be worth a thousand of them…
I greet morning as I see moonflowers blooming at dawn.
 Each flower opened at dusk,
 welcomed darkness as I slept,
 kept watch while I dreamed.
 Daylight washes over them,
 folding their covers and saying goodbye
. Vine twines at window,
dressing with lacey  curtains
 of leaf and shadow.

2 thoughts on “Moonflowers Revisited

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