The Rain Chain

This string of bronze bell shaped objects is hanging right now from one of the arches in our rose arbor by the fish pond.  It is pretty, and if breezes get brisk, it sounds like a clattery windchime.  It is OK as this ornament.  But it is not functioning in the way it was designed.  These “bells” are supposed to be cups.  The cluster is intended to hang in one long string to replace a traditional gutter downspout.  It is called a rain chain and is supposed to be a beautiful and functional alternative to a plain downspout.  This was my gift to my husband one year when I read that the cups would visibly guide rainwater from the roof to the ground and transform our gutter into a pleasing water feature. 

I did not realize that because our gutters are tied via the downspouts into a French drain system, we would not be able to hang the rain chain instead.  So we do not hear the soft tinkle of individual rain drops or a soothing rush of water.  The upside down cups clink and will never collect raindrops. 

Is there a purpose for which I am intended that is blocked by any upside down choices I make?   

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