Secret Garden

A book which is now considered  a classic children’s book of the twentieth century, Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett was published as a novel in 1911.   Its story, full of loss and gain, tragedy and triumph develops as children and a garden grow and change.  There have been a number of productions produced for movies and television which bear the name and tell the story. But the movie version created in 1949 is the one which lives in my memory.  I was 9 years old, and not allowed to see many films.  The scene which so impressed me was one of sudden change. Almost the entire film is in stark black and white. The scene in which the door to the garden is opened to reveal the beauty of the garden in vivid Technicolor created a breathtaking moment.  Little girls weren’t the only ones to gasp.

It is only these many years later that I am understanding that I was far more than entertained by this. In this story, it is only as Mary begins to think of others rather than herself that she became more than a spectator of the garden.  As her perception as well as her vision changed,  the garden became more beautiful.

This photo is a sign in our garden that has become intertwined in a yellow climbing rose.  It reminds me of that other Mary, and of the miracles created when I see beyond myself.

“And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden


5 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. I loved “The Secret Garden” in grade four when I read it. Now my daughter loves it, too. We both love to garden and every spring when the crocuses and snowdrops begin to poke through the mulch – I think of this book. I love your writing. I am going to follow you. Thank you for the treat! ~ Wendy


  2. I have been re-shelving my books after moving, and found my copy of this book. I, too, love the book and the movies of it. I will look for the older movie on Netflix. What a wonderful message the book has. Thank you for the post and the picture of your garden sign with the rose canes twined around it. In our new place, we have a brick fence surrounding the back yard – but few plants beyond trees — many possibilities!


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