Seeing a Star

100_1854Of the many symbols which decorate our home at Christmastime, my favorite may be the star.  Our big tree is lit with tiny twinkle lights reminding us of stars, and is topped with a star.  A crystal star holds a candle on the kitchen table.  My grandchildren draw stars. Joe loves the Christmas Song  “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.”  I love the deep mystery of the great star which led wise men to search for a baby.  How sweet, then, in this simple and sacred ordinary evening,  to slice an apple to float in the cider on my stove and find this star, marking seed and promise of fruit..

Star giver,

Light shiner

Promise keeper…




2 thoughts on “Seeing a Star

  1. Me, too. A few weeks ago, when I mentioned this in a group that meets to read and discuss poetry, a lady who is my age (72!) said she had never seen it, because she never sliced an apple like this. It made me wonder how many things we miss because we only think of doing things the way “its’ always been done.” Merry Christmas, Wendy to you and yours..


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