Looking for the Star


 The house is very quiet and still this afternoon, on this first Sunday of Advent. I have loved having all 12 (and another on the way) of us together.  After our family’s Sunday morning at church and lunch together, our adult children and our grandchildren have dispersed to their own homes.  Those who live in Fort Worth have been here the last 4 days during which we gathered all for a Thanksgiving feast, and as has become our tradition, then the Christmas tree was brought in and festive decorations begun. Lights in the yard and on the tree were reflected in the happy eyes of little girls, music filled spaces between laughter and excited conversation.   

As I sit among all the not yet placed wreaths, manger scenes, garlands and dear old things we hang on the tree, I think how the anticipation and joy did not leave with the children.  I sit in the quiet for a time.  Then I light the first Advent candle and begin listening to James Galway’s On the Way to Bethlehem.   Advent begins. How will you mark your Advent journey?  I would love to hear.

Adult Advent Announcement

O Lord,
Let Advent begin again
In us,
Not merely in commercials;
For that first Christmas was not
Simply for children,
But for the
Wise and the strong.
It was
Crowded around that cradle,
With kings kneeling.
Speak to us
Who seek an adult seat this year.
Help us to realize,
As we fill stockings,
Christmas is mainly
For the old folks —
Bent backs
And tired eyes
Need relief and light
A little more.
No wonder
It was grown-ups
Who were the first
To notice
Such a star.

~  David A. Redding,, from If I Could Pray Again


2 thoughts on “Looking for the Star

  1. Yesterday afternoon I sat down with two friends and made SoulCollage cards. This is my card. Here is the reading that accompanies it: Shrouded in blue, the color of intuition, I revisit the paths of old, reclaiming the sacred spaces of my youth. Touching the tender places, rediscovering the anatomy of my faith, I find here a flame, here a joy, here a sadness, and here a peace. In this Christmas season, always and forever, it seems, I walk in search of a star. I just had to share this with you after reading your star blog this evening.


    • Denise, I am not able to see a link for the card visual, but your words are powerful. I gather the revisiting, reclaiming, rediscovering and feel the ways in which you are touching and finding. As we begin this year’s Advent journey, searching once again for the star, I am so glad you are with me to share the path. Are you familiar with the poetry of Ann Weems? I am thinking of my favorite pieced of her work, which are from the collection titled Kneeling in Bethlehem, particularly one called Star Giving…


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