Accidental Roads

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When ideas keep appearing in different ways during my week, I begin to recognize the pattern.  Then I begin to consider what I am being asked to learn.  This week in an album Allen Levi’s  song about a missed turn, “Accidental Roads,” touched me with words that included “there was dappled sunlight on that road. I might have missed it if I had been where I planned.”

An online poetry group of which I am a member posted a request for poetry with a theme “In praise of detours.”

In my Lenten devotional book, one day’s practice was to “welcome an interruption today.”

In tribute to lessons learned from interruptions, missed turns, and detours, I made additions to my long to do list…

I will be diligent in my work today.

bills and tax filing have official deadlines

with penalties for avoidance

laundry and cleaning chores need to stay on the list

phone calls must be returned

clutter calls to me from everywhere

there are necessary errands to pharmacy, bank, and market

cooking requires another whole list plus time to do it

I will listen for the different drummer

I will read between the lines

I will take a walk and watch for wildflowers

I will welcome the phone call from someone who is lonely

I will sit in silence with my Friend

I will lean into the accidental roads today…

I love dappled sunlight.

3 thoughts on “Accidental Roads

  1. Lovely, Mary Ann. Now I’m going to check out the song on iTunes. Don’t think I’ve heard it.

    We are so fortunate to see patterns and make meaning from them. Not everyone has that ability, you know.

    I love the idea of dappled sunshine. The thesaurus suggests “mottled” as an alternative. I like both; in other words, it isn’t all sunshine. It isn’t pure sunshine. It isn’t sunshine without relief. But it’s sunshine.


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