Seed Time

100_0146I am not going to be heading out to the garden to prepare the soil for receiving new plants and seeds. For the time being I need to be an armchair gardener. I will miss digging and planting, and will need to accept the help of my husband and other helpers if the sprouting, growing, and flowering I so enjoy each Spring gets started.

In these weeks of being still and refraining from  things to do,  I choose a different way of fasting and focusing for Lent. This means tending a different garden  – the garden of my soul. It is here that I will prune and dig out roots of unhealthy habits to make room for new growth. As welcome as the new plants outside will be, and as much as we will enjoy watching their growth and benefit from later harvest, even more important and welcome will be the results that can come from tending my interior garden.


2 thoughts on “Seed Time

    • Not quite Spring yet, although we often have Spring like conditions in February on the South Texas Gulf Coast. This year, we have had unusually cold temps (lows in the low 30’s) recently. But next week the sun will be out and the weather report says to expect daytime highs in the seventies. In this area, we typically have tomato plants in the ground by now even if they may need covering for late cold fronts. We also have 2 growing seasons and fall gardens are often the best ones because it gets hot so quickly here and summertime temps are very high. Not sure where you are, but even as far north of us as Dallas/Fort Worth they have snow, too. It has been a hard winter for so many.


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