IMG_3072Last Easter we planted a Chinese Fringe tree in our front yard. It already had white blooms and as more opened, the tree was covered with clusters of small white blooms. It is a deciduous tree and the blooms appear after the leaves each Spring.  As temperatures soared in July, we noticed a few brown leaves and then more.  We made sure the little tree was watered deeply every day; for awhile it seemed that we would lose it. But over a period of weeks, new green leaves outnumbered the brown ones.  Gradually, the tree announced its survival

IMG_3069One day we noticed new white blooms!  The tree evidently thought it had survived fall and winter and that Spring had returned!

Withering drought has caused loss of many trees in our area, particularly recently planted ones. I am glad our little tree is a survivor!.  In the springtime we often talk about new beginnings and renewal.  I am glad for the fringe tree’s lesson – when I am experiencing a season of drought in my soul, there can be another Spring.

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