Globe Amaranth, Gomphrena

This flower is small but you almost never see just one or two plants. They have visual impact because they are usually seen massed together in a flower bed. That could be because there are so many seeds in a bloom not much bigger than the end of my thumb. Every petal becomes a seed. I once had Joe stop by a road for me to collect a couple of flower heads because that particular patch was a variety called Strawberry Fields – bright red pom poms waving in the sun.

It may be a stretch, but as I held this flower my granddaughter picked, an odd comparison floated up in my mind. I recently read in a morning quiet time the phrase “sturdy faith.” The words stuck and I have frequently considered what it means to have that quality, so necessary in a world of confusion and uncertainty.

Thrives in heat and does not need pampering.

Blooms nearly nonstop

Good for cutting and drying to share in many ways.

Attracts butterflies, adding to our garden’s beauty.

Harvesting promotes flower production.

Easily reseeds.

                                                                                 Survival strength!




2 thoughts on “Surviving

  1. Mom! I love this so much! I want some of yours to carry on in my garden.

    And if it is ever possible to share somehow and grow some of nana’s flowers at my house I would really love that. I would never take yours, just wondering if they have offspring I can nurture and remember. 😊

    Teion Parker (713) 979-8541



    • Thank you. I am always glad to know you read what I write! And yes, you will indeed have some of these purple lovelies to plant in your garden, plus whatever we can divide from Mother’s iris and amaryllis!


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