Change of Plans

gentle off and on sprinkling

then a pouring out rain

cookouts and picnic plans shift

I celebrate in cool quietness

watching a white heron at the lake’s edge

 when the rain pauses,

a pair of red birds come to sit in the sunflowers




3 thoughts on “Change of Plans

    • Thank you, Karen! I hope you had a good one too! It was very quiet around here until the rain stopped and the fireworks started! It has been so dry that rain was a blessing, both for the garden and to reduce the hazard of fires from the fireworks. But many here get very nervous when we have heavy rains after the flooding several years in a row and the major blow that Harvey flooding meant. Friends near us only moved back into their home recently. They lived in a Fifth Wheel in their front yard for almost a year.


      • I can certainly understand. The clay soil doesn’t absorb rain very well especially in the summer when the sun almost turns it to brick.


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