Don’t Let Love Lose


don’t let love lose

because of tripping and stumbling

don’t let light die

though it may flicker

as petals shatter

and thorns bring blood,

don’t let the rose die from drought

let it bud again with fragrant bloom


let healing happen

I choose you again

let love win


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Love Lose

  1. Thank you for your comments, Marva. Wendell Berry says it in his prayer: “I know that I have life only insofar as I have love. I have no love except it come from Thee. Help, me, please, to carry this candle against the wind.”


  2. I love these life affirming lines. We must let love win at all times. What if we all reached out in love to others in our communities, across the country, across countries, really accepting our common humanity?


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