The darkest time in the year,
The poorest place in town,
Cold, and a taste of fear,
Man and woman alone,
What can we hope for here?
More light than we can learn,
More wealth than we can treasure,
More love than we can earn,
More peace than we can measure,
Because one child is born.
— Christopher Fry, One Child Is Born

Light One Candle


Last night we attended a Christmas concert at our 11 year old granddaughter’s school.  As one of the older children, she walked tall and proud to her seat to play her flute in a medley of Christmas music and we loved it.  Soon the stage was filled many smaller children who sang and jingled their bells.  One of their songs stuck in my head, and I have hummed it all day. A  a simple song, “Light One Candle” by Natalie Sleeth.
Light one candle for hope,
One bright candle for hope.
He brings hope to everyone.
He comes. He comes.
Verses 2, 3 and-4 replace hope with peace, joy, and love.
As we light the candles in our Advent wreaths and welcome His coming, may our song be the same. He comes. He comes.

Don’t Let Love Lose


don’t let love lose

because of tripping and stumbling

don’t let light die

though it may flicker

as petals shatter

and thorns bring blood,

don’t let the rose die from drought

let it bud again with fragrant bloom


let healing happen

I choose you again

let love win


True Love


True Love

 true love is a coat of many colors

red as flash and flush of beginning

gladdest green when cultivated and grown

turning all hues of blue in faithfulness

gilding golden with each new morning following storms


not always the color of roses

graying like my hair

bleak and black when bearing sorrow

silvered patina as a lasting choice

not one color, but many

not even patchwork

but a crazy quilt of peacework

every piece unique in shape

pierced and scarred with stitches

holding it all together,

stronger than uncut cloth

the art of life,

the fabric of two lives