Most of us think of budgets when we think of what we spend. Current news reports are filled with dire news about our nation’s spending habits, all referring to a national budget and its imbalance. But there is a more critical balance – that which is created by daily choice and lifetime impact. How will I spend today? How will I spend my life?

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” ~ Annie Dillard

Guarded with Tenderness

As I paged through a journal I kept a few years ago, I saw the following entry.  It was written as a postscript to the life of a pet, a little yellow cat.  It caught my attention and touched me partly because I had just printed the words of this children’s prayer on a smooth wooden bird house that hangs in one of our backyard trees.

“Today, we had to have Rocky put down.  So we say a sad goodbye to a longtime faithful little furry friend.  As his heart was beating its last beat, I said “I am reminded that we are to guard with tenderness small things that have no words”. 

I love the prayer poem from which this is taken. 

 Dear Father, hear and bless,
Thy beasts and singing birds.
And guard with tenderness,
Small things that have no words.

 I, too,  am guarded with tenderness in my small and speechless faith, and I am thankful.


I have not yet seen this movie.  I do not intend the trailer format to be an advertisement.  It is simply that today, July 4, 2011, I am grateful for the fortitude and faith of those who became founders of our country, as well as the courage of those of faith worldwide who stand for what they believe.  The images in the video and the reminders of faith and  love and hope speak courage to me.