No and Yes

20160115_153309My observance of Lent this year involves fasting, but not from bread or chocolate or TV.  I am finding it more difficult to restrict that which is less obvious and tangible, such as multitasking and rushing. I am discovering that this intentionality and focus frees me to new ways of seeing and listening for God’s presence.


no to getting it all done,, yes to being still





Discovering the Interior

IMG_3454Stained glass window in one of The Painted Churches in Texas

I love every one of The Panted Curches I have visited. As you approach each of them, you see lovely but fairly plain old buildings. But when you open the door and  step inside, your breath is taken away with  color and beauty, each one unique from the others.

I am reminded once again to pay attention, to take the time to stop and look past the exterior of the ordinary.  It may contain a discovery of wonder and beauty.