Moonflowers Revisited

A writing exercise recently posted in my online writing group was named the Adjective Project.  Actually, it should have been called The Missing Adjective Project because the goal was to write a descriptive poem or story using few nor no adjectives.  It happened to coincide with another morning at which my kitchen window revealed a  bountiful display of moonflowers.  Here is the missing adjectives poem.  I might have done without the rest of the words, since a picture can be worth a thousand of them…
I greet morning as I see moonflowers blooming at dawn.
 Each flower opened at dusk,
 welcomed darkness as I slept,
 kept watch while I dreamed.
 Daylight washes over them,
 folding their covers and saying goodbye
. Vine twines at window,
dressing with lacey  curtains
 of leaf and shadow.

Leaf and Shadow

  Our first cool spell is blowing in here, and we will pull out our sweaters and go outside to enjoy crisp, cool mornings this week.  To be sure, we are beginning to see a few leaves loose their green and turn yellow.  Our crepe myrtles and Bradford pears will give us some fall colors in their foliage. But this time of year I miss the piney woods of Northeast Texas where I grew up. Seasonal change was more pronounced there, and I loved watching for the woods to glow with Sweet Gum and the scarlet leaves of Sumac.  However, I believe in enjoying what I have, and this single leaf  brought me joy.  Masses of even New England’s wonders and color palette are beautiful, but they are there and then.  I am here and now, and so is my leaf and its lovely shadow.

Mind Your Head

My  friend John tells of a sign over one old English door that warns “Mind Your Head.”  He says it reminds him of much more than avoiding a bump!  Today, more than ever before, we are called to pay attention to what we believe, and live it.  Minding and tending our heads and our hearts must be intentional.  Dallas Willard says much the same.

“Theology is just what you really think about God, and if you’re going to do that, you’d better use your mind and not just let it be a receptacle – a catch-all for whatever beliefs happen to be passing by.”     ~Dallas Willard