Full of Light

002One of the things we love about Advent and Christmas is doing things the same way we have done them for many years. There may be minor changes and adjustments, but there is a sweet remembering in the things we do each year.  Even more, a balm for rough times and a surge of hope as we repeat the journey of the heart.   I found this entry in a journal i kept 6 years ago.  It is dated December 17, 2007, but it could have been words I wrote today.  These thoughts were in my mind then, and  now again.

“…the most important things that occur during my day usually aren’t on the to-do list. This Monday morning I am reflecting that fact as I finish my Old Testament reading and pray.  My heart is preparing – more important than the myriad things that will get done as the day unfolds:  laundry, house cleaning, finishing gifts, mailing cards, baking – each becomes an expression of my heart’s preparation.  I am so full of awe and wonder and gratitude for the great gift of Christ, the gift of God himself.  My home is full of Christmas music, Christmas color, Christmas light.  Christmas Light.”

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