Small Silent Places

100_1868I sit very still and silent on this early Advent morning as light enters for a new day, casting shadow art on the wall that shifts and changes like rippling water – for me an illustration of the intersection of art and faith. I think of the ways God lets us know He is with us.

“In the small, silent places within us is another voice, one that beckons us into the foolishness of faith, that points our gaze to the birds and the flowers, that, in unguarded moments lets our muscles relax, and our hearts lean into loved ones, in unexpected whispers we hear it, calling us to remember your promises, your grace, your faithfulness, and suddenly, we discover that it is enough.   Amen”   John Van De Laar


5 thoughts on “Small Silent Places

    • Yes, it is powerful, Sam. And I love that is just that. Enough. Period. Peace to you as you practice this in the days ahead. Holding you in my heart…


  1. this is beautiful. I took a photo kind of similar to this you may be interested in some of my work you should check it out at let me know what you think and maybe follow if you like :)


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